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First Impressions: Hyrule Warriors

Hyrule Warriors – Summary/Reception

 So many Wii U owners have been looking forward to this game with all the  hype around it. Hyrule Warriors is an odd, unexpected pairing of the Zelda series and the Dynasty Warriors series. It has done pretty well so far in both reviews and sales. GameInformer gave Hyrule Warriors an 8.0/10 saying that one great thing about it is that there is a lot of references to previous Zelda games, mainly from Ocarina Of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Wikipedia lists many scores and then averages them if you would like to read that as well. I’ve been so excited about this game with all of the reveal videos and other trailers that made you want more. I just played a couple of hours or so to give a glimpse of what Hyrule Warriors is like.


This is a picture of the Hyrule Castle in Hyrule Warriors. It’ll be interesting to see how the different places somehow come together in what appears to be an alternative dimension of the Zelda universe seperated from the main timeline/cannon. Continue reading “First Impressions: Hyrule Warriors”

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Special: Do You Ever Look Up A Story Before Going Through It?

I got this idea from thinking about how my brother will sometimes look up and then read a story of a video game or a movie he is interested in to see whether or not it is worth playing through or watching. He says that knowing the narrative before actually going through it doesn’t ruin the product for him; he adds that he enjoys it the same either way. What are your thoughts about the matter?

I’m split on this subject because occasionally I’ll do it as well. Let’s go through some positives and negatives on doing so. Continue reading “Special: Do You Ever Look Up A Story Before Going Through It?”

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Special: Are Video Games Only For Teenagers?

While video games are mostly targeted towards younger age groups, more and more older people are getting into video games. Do you think that gaming is reaching out more to other audiences? Does your family join you on the couch? It’s interesting to see the statistics surrounding gamers and it’s not uncommon to see companies asking customers for their ages when doing a survey. I see the movement gradually becoming more prominent in the world, but that’s not a bad thing. Continue reading “Special: Are Video Games Only For Teenagers?”

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The Art Of Video Games: Part #3 (Story)

This will the final part of the “The Art Of Video Games” series that I’ve been doing; I just wanted to point out some of the greatest things about video games in a fun way while proving that there is a certain art to all of the gaming industry. There’s a lot of talent that goes on in there all around the world. 🙂

Not every game has to have an intriguing story, so they don’t necessarily have to create an entertaining experience in that way, but there are so many fictions that just go beyond in imagination. Some will create alternate events in history while others take you to completely different worlds that should astonish players with what people come up with. Let’s honor some of the best stories in video games. Continue reading “The Art Of Video Games: Part #3 (Story)”

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Special: Do You Go By Reviews To Decide?

I’ve “evolved” over the years to use reviews as the main factor between say going to the theater to see a movie or just waiting until it comes out to rent. Or sometimes, I may not watch a movie at all because the average score is so low. This is just one example. I was thinking about this as I’m looking back at some of my decisions that had mostly mixed results.

Last thought when it comes to movies: do people really take the time to search ratings and think about them? I think that the majority of people could care less about movie critics and what they have to say. The recent movies by the director Michael Bay, like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, were rated terribly by websites like Rotten Tomatoes and yet they were box office hits. Granted, they are not always right (one that jumps at me is “The Series Of Unfortunate Events” (great film)) and they probably have vastly different opinions, but all kinds of critics do have the experience and qualifications to justify. That’s what I want to start off on to make a point. Continue reading “Special: Do You Go By Reviews To Decide?”

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The Art Of Video Games: Part #2 (Music)

Music is not typically what you would first think about when talking about video games. It is sometimes the “key element” that truly makes a game. It can completely affect your experience by changing your emotions or thoughts in any given situation. There are plenty of examples where music (or the lack of) will get you pumped or scared for what’s ahead. Horror games or movies have to use this tool to their advantage by giving the audience a false sense of security or getting people to jump at every corner.

Many orchestras and bands often join in on a production, or made to be completely dedicated to creating soundtracks for video games. So be sure to thank them for their great performances the next time you look at media. Musicians truly talented, so they deserve a lot of credit for what they do.

Time for The Top Ten! Continue reading “The Art Of Video Games: Part #2 (Music)”

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Special: Fan Art

Gamers will sometimes take it upon themselves to show off their appreciation for video games. I’ve seen many things, from amazing drawings to crazy YouTube videos to sweet costumes. At, they can find some of the best creations and place them under a hub called “Gamer Culture”. There was also a magazine called Nintendo Power that would have a dedicated section for fan art. Those are just a couple of sources when there are plenty more to check out.

I’ve done some of my own. Continue reading “Special: Fan Art”

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The Art Of Video Games: Part #1 (Backgrounds)

There are some people who think that video games are not art, but they’re wrong. Video games are art in so many different ways from the backgrounds to the stories that unfold. This is going to be a series on individual qualities because covering everything in one blog would be too long. In Part #1, I’m going to be talking about some of the greatest backgrounds or worlds so far.  Continue reading “The Art Of Video Games: Part #1 (Backgrounds)”