Special: Are Video Games Only For Teenagers?

Published September 24, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene

While video games are mostly targeted towards younger age groups, more and more older people are getting into video games. Do you think that gaming is reaching out more to other audiences? Does your family join you on the couch? It’s interesting to see the statistics surrounding gamers and it’s not uncommon to see companies asking customers for their ages when doing a survey. I see the movement gradually becoming more prominent in the world, but that’s not a bad thing.

Wii Sports, for example, was very popular with all ages as it was easy enough to play and it provided exercise in a fun way. I remember my grandparents and my little cousins would compete against each other in a good game of bowling. It’s not just about exercise though that brings everyone in.

A lot of games, especially on mobile devices like Android, have been going for different angles to grab people. If you’re trying to past the time, you may just simply hop onto your phone to play Angry Birds to make waiting less boring. If you want to play with someone far away, you can go online to instantly connect to come up with the best score. Don’t have time to sit down and set up Scrabble? Go with Words With Friends. There are a lot of examples of how phones, tablets, and more have impacted society.





 On a final note, my parents have been playing more video games than they have before. She is playing on my Nintendo 3DS. Her favorite one would probably be Animal Crossing: New Leaf, a fun life simulation game. I thought this was a nice moment. 🙂