Special: Do You Ever Look Up A Story Before Going Through It?

Published September 26, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene

I got this idea from thinking about how my brother will sometimes look up and then read a story of a video game or a movie he is interested in to see whether or not it is worth playing through or watching. He says that knowing the narrative before actually going through it doesn’t ruin the product for him; he adds that he enjoys it the same either way. What are your thoughts about the matter?

I’m split on this subject because occasionally I’ll do it as well. Let’s go through some positives and negatives on doing so.

Negative Points

  • What if there are any jump scares or surprising twists and turns that you find out about? Would it ruin part of the experience? Most of the time, I would say that it depends on the situation. A horror game or movie, for example, would probably lose some value if you knew already what was “around the corner”.
  • What if you find out that your favorite character dies? No comment… *your head explodes in anger and sadness*
  • New to a series? It would probably be best to leave it a mystery. Maybe this is more of a neutral point, especially if what you’re looking at is a sequel and you need to learn the background.
  • What if you come across some YouTube videos of cutscenes and you watch them out of temptation? It’s mostly okay if they just make up the beginning of the story since you’ll see them right away anyways. I admittedly have done that a lot before, especially when a game gets its release date pushed back and you can’t wait anymore.

Positive Points

  • You now know what to expect, so if what you were thinking about fails, you at least saved yourself from wasting hour(s) of your life. You may be severely disappointed (example: EA > The Sims 4), but you end up saving money for something better (hopefully The Sims 5, if EA makes another sequel).
  • You become a fan. This is more of a boost for companies, but at the same time, you find out some franchises that you would like to follow for more entertainment.
  • It possibly gives you some inspiration to fuel your creativity. I know this a stretch, but it could happen. I like to draw pictures of video games that I’m really into. I also like to daydream often (not too much in class) about different stories with even some of my own in the mix.

Admittedly, it was hard to come up with some ‘positives’ about knowing what is ahead or “seeing into the future”. It’s of course up to you with what to do when you’re interested in something, and yet there is a certain amount of uncertainty. I wrote this mostly for fun, but on a serious note, do you think it is best to do research or discover the story on your own? Please comment to tell me what you think! Thanks! 🙂