Interested In Podcasts?

Published October 1, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene

While I haven’t really listened to podcasts, I think they’re interesting and can be fun and informative. You can simply search on Google, just like anything else, and you can find lists of them centered around video games. There was even a website that listed the top 16 best video game podcasts; the link is right here.

Here are some that I found from:

I’m listing them as they are ranked according to their blog. There are a few on their website that sounded inappropriate, so I’m only picking out the more professional or other personal podcasts to tell you about. I’m just briefly describing each one somewhat how they described them.

1. All Gen Gamers – This one covers mainly retro games with some modern ones as well on all systems.

3. Big Red Barrelcast – Game Strategies, Debates

5. Giant Bombcast – Plenty of humor and banter around gaming, in-depth gaming knowledge with ‘hilarious dialogue’

11. Super Joystiq – Two segments: one highlights reviews and previews and the other tells you the latest gaming news

12. That Video Game Podcast (TVGP) – A more “mature” podcast with honesty that has been going on for six years

13. The Game Informer Show (GI) – Been around since 1991, the discussions usually relate to its magazine

If these don’t work for you, there are plenty of other podcasts for you to try out. I hope you have fun going through them! 🙂