Do You Dream About Video Games?

Published October 6, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene

I do dream about video games during the day and at night, mostly fan fiction ideas. Do you ever dream about video games? If you do, is it just after playing one or is it even days after touching a controller? I have read a number of psychological studies surrounding gaming and dreaming; the results are intriguing and I would recommend searching for them. I may add some links to this post later for some that I’ve looked at.


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Anyways, let’s take a look at what can inspire us to dream about video games and other things.

There are some games out there that really challenge your mind and even your morals. The best of these will make you think for while, even after you stop playing for days, about whether or not you did the right thing; plus, if your choices change the ending of the story or just makes you feel as though they did, then the experience is better for it. I’ve mentioned a few already that focus around this concept like Shin Megami Tensei IV and Bioshock. There may not be a truly “good” or “bad” path, so that just makes your decisions harder to bare. These types of games are what I probably think about the most.

Along with this theme, when you play as yourself in some video games, it again makes your journey more interesting and difficult to decide what will happen to the whole world (no pressure). In Fire Emblem: Awakening, for example, your character becomes a tactician who has more to do with the multiple conflicts than she or he realizes; it is another one of my favorites. At least to me, it makes a difference whenever I’m playing as myself versus someone else.

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Don’t you wish for some things to happen in a series or to a particular game? That happens all the time in anything really; fans will give criticism and have different desires for what it should or could have been done or what they should do in the future. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Fan fiction can be more than just daydreaming in the middle of class if you put a lot of effort to make it fully realized and well done for publishing. One of the biggest examples of this is Star Wars in how it has inspired so many writers to create intricate stories that expand the universe of possibilities. I’ve been wanting to write a book or two of my own fiction, and I still might, because I love and have a talent for writing. You can express stories on a number of mediums, which is pretty amazing what people can create.

Those are a couple of reasons why I dream about video games and why probably most gamers do as well. How about you? Do you dream about video games, movies, books, plays, or any other source of storytelling and/or entertainment? Please let me know in your comments because I’m curious about what you have to say and I’m sure others would like to as well. See you later! 🙂