Preview: Bayonetta 2

Published October 15, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene

Bayonetta 2 – Summary/Reception

It’s a hack-and-smash adventure that lets you play as an witch named Bayonetta, as well as other characters, with all of her weapons and powers. A lot of the places resemble Europe with their unique and beautiful architecture. The amount of detail and graphics look impressive. We’ll get a glimpse of the game soon enough. 🙂

I may or may not be able to get this game right away, but I will give you insight as to what to expect and get excited for in Bayonetta 2. I might not be able to get it for a couple of months, so I’ll let you know what happens. I hope that it works out because it looks like a lot of fun. I’ve never played the series before, so I’m highly anticipating all the action and drama.


Bayonetta 2 (and 1) has been out for Japan, but not the rest of the world yet, since September 20th. So there is not a lot of reviews right now, but the couple scores I’ve seen are very high. Edge gave the package 10/10 while Famitsu gave it 38/40. GameInformer has given it a 9.0/10 saying it “tops the over-the-top”.

I’ll list some links and pictures that are leading up to October 24th, its release date coming up soon. Just to keep in mind: this is a more “mature” series, so you’ll see things like violence and sexual themes, but it is not too extreme. Didn’t want to possibly scare you off, but that was just a head’s up.

For a brief summary and a list of some features, go to…

Nintendo – Bayonetta 2:

For more, go to…

Official Site for Bayonetta 2:

Just as another warning, while Nintendo is a family company and took part in this game, they did not limit the amount of crude language that will be used sometimes. The trailers don’t include any of that, so they are somewhat misleading on that note. As long as it is not too excessive, I can tolerate it.

Beginning Of The Story (Spoilers Ahead)

Bayonetta and her friend Jeanne start off right away fighting off some angels (although they’re depicted quite differently than normal, similar looking to the demons) in a big city. Something is just not right in both Paradiso (Heaven) and Inferno (Hell). Towards the end of the fight, one of the demons summoned disobeys commands and tries to kill Bayonetta when Jeanne pushes her out of the way, but dies from the hit. As soon as she realizes that her soul got separated from her body, Jeanne gets dragged down to the Inferno. Now, it is up to Bayonetta to save her before it is too late in a race against time.


More events happen as well…

Other Things…

There is a demo out right now that you can download off the Nintendo eShop; it takes some of the scenes from the first chapter and gives you an optional tutorial if you want or need to if you’re new to the Bayonetta series like I am. There are also a lot of trailers in both the links listed above to give a tease and a taste of Bayonetta 2.



This is what Bayonetta looks like in her first game. Platinum Games changed her look a lot with shorter hair as well as a different color scheme. I like both the styles, but I don’t know which one is better.

That’s all for now. See ya around! 🙂