Special: What’s Your Favorite Genre?

Published October 17, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene

Much like how different individuals have various tastes in music, food, and so on, gamers will have their preferences on what genre or genres of gaming they like the most or perhaps don’t enjoy. Do you listen to pop or country songs? Is a first-person shooter better than a third-person shooter? Of course, there are different dynamics to the discussion with all the various art styles and other things.

I’m open to all kinds of games, but I ultimately like role-playing games the best with their length and story-telling. Strategy and puzzle games are a close second because there is nothing like leading an army or solving your way through a dungeon.

What do you like to play? Let’s go through each genre just to have some fun.

1. Action/Adventure

This genre is one of the more popular ones that can be on its own, but is also often mixed with the other categories. The best examples I can think of are the Uncharted Series and the Halo series. They are typically filled with all sorts of dramatic, huge moments like explosions and crashes. Never a dull moment. I love the sense of power you have when you are just taking enemies down one by one as you sometimes get headshots in with a good sniping rifle, for example.

2. RPGs (Role-Playing Games)

Role-playing games are known for long tales full of main and side quests as well as collecting materials and gear as you explore different lands. I’ve played a lot of Japanese ones in particular because they have a unique, sometimes odd quality that mostly works with different audiences in various countries. Tales Of Xillia, for example, was not the best game, but it did offer a nice experience with its shell-shading art style and combat system.


3. Strategy/Puzzle

This is more self-explanatory in you basically (or not so basically) try to solve something whether that be to unlock or figure out how to get to a hidden passage or maybe even a court case or a mystery. The Legend Of Zelda series is one that sticks out in my mind because you have to find out weak points of monsters while going through one puzzle or another with all of your different tools and weapons like the boomerang and the hook-shot. There are of course other examples that are more directly fit in to this theme like the Professor Layton or the Phoenix Wright series.


4. Racing

This is one genre that is not as popular, but games like Mario Kart 8 are turning things around. Racing is more competitive than cooperative most of the time that usually consist of all sorts of power-ups and shortcuts to get yourself ahead. You also generally have some good customization options for not only cosmetics, but also performance in acceleration, handling, and so on. My dad actually used to be a race car driver mostly around the local area of Michigan, but he also traveled. So as you imagine, he’s a big fan of almost all sorts of racing like NASCAR and Formula One. That was just a little fun fact. 🙂

5. Exercise/Fitness

Not the biggest field, but is slowly growing. Video games like Wii Fit, Wii Sports, and others usually centered around sports and yoga are trying to make exercising fun, something you can actually enjoy possibly with friends and family as you build yourself up. They do help people lose weight and keep track of your daily activities and calories eaten. Wii Sports, as I’ve mentioned, was included at first when I got the Wii and it was entertaining for a long time and made me sweat without thinking about it.

6. Music

Also another small library, but is gradually getting more players. Just Dance is a popular one that actually has you standing up dancing to the song playing. Dance Dance Revolution is another good-selling game that went back to the PS2. Video games that involve music as the focus can be much more than just dancing. I can’t think of their names right now, but there are some that have you tap to the rhythm or have you play an virtual instrument that is realistic.


7. Simulation

Nothing like being yourself, right? Just joking there, but more simulation or simulation-like games let you play as yourself or possibly someone you know or whoever as you can control and mess with them if you like (don’t be too mean, of course). The Sims series is a jewel for Electronic Arts as one of the most popular life simulation games. Animal Crossing: New Leaf is another fun one that lets you become the mayor of a town that you build up over time. Tomodachi Life is a more recent one that does an interesting twist on simulation, but it needs more things to do as well as polish. This type of game may not appeal to everybody, but it’s certainly worth trying out.

8. Education

You can tell that this is becoming a more prominent feature than a hindrance to better teach and learn. There are even some video games that weren’t necessarily designed to educate and yet are being considered for schools. Brain Age started on the Nintendo DS and got a small audience that pushed them to create sequels based around different ideas like trying to get people to train themselves to take breaks from any sort of technology that we’re often attached to. It certainly interesting to see what others come up with.

9. Party

There are a good amount of games revolving around local and sometimes online multiplayer to have fun with and against friend and family. They’ll usually consist of many minigames that are easy to do so anyone can join. There is a bit of controversy as to whether or not games like Mario Party 8 even require any sort of skill or just random luck, which is obviously something you want to avoid because then it won’t be as fun and it will get boring after a while if it’s too simple. There are a few good ones out there, but you just have to look.

10. Sports

This can somewhat go with the exercising/fitness sections, but it has its own way of doing things. While racing is a sport, it gets its own category for various reasons. Football, soccer, and baseball are usually the biggest ones that hop into the screen. They mostly go for realism, but sometimes they get changed to add some spice into the arena. I’m not the biggest fan of sports games, so I can’t really list out any big examples, sorry. Wii Sports Resort, the sequel of Wii Sports, is good with its variety from bowling to rowing to cycling.

I think that I pretty much covered nearly everything. With each of these genres, there are a lot of different combinations. Please let me know what you think of this post and even elaborate on some of your favorite titles in the comments below. Hope you enjoyed the article and see you later! 🙂