Ingenuity & Cooperation Behind Developing A Console

Published October 19, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene

There is a lot that goes into making a console or handheld with all of its features and so on. You can look just purely into just the marketing and promotion and know there is so much going on inside and out.

Not to criticize or compare anyone, but Sony has probably the best when it comes to making sure that everyone is on board and is aware of the hardware with its Playstation 4; they have put effort into learning from their previous mistakes to create a bigger success. The other two major gaming companies, Microsoft and Nintendo, could learn a thing or two from Sony.

Let’s take a look at some of the “behind the scenes” action going on.

3. Advertisement And The “First Announcement”

Getting the word out is a big deal; you already know that. Companies like Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo have all done some good, interesting showings, from commercials to promoting at huge events like E3 in California and Gamescon in Germany. But what if something were to go wrong? What if consumers end up getting the wrong message or are just not “into” it? That has happened before, and it can be painful.


Sega knows this horrible feeling all too well. Nintendo and Sega used to battle an intense rivalry a long time ago, with their mascots as well as console sales. Their mistakes ended up stopping, essentially killing, their console business so abruptly. Analysts can say that Sega never really “fully” recovered from the financial fall. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sega, but they’re a prime example of what not to do. For example, when the Dreamcast first came out in 1998 in Japan, it was a failure due to the lack of launch games and competition from the later Playstation 2. Strong presentation is everything, especially in the video game business.

Sega isn’t the only one who failed at certain things. When Nintendo first announced the Wii U, it left people confused for they only showed off the Wii U Gamepad and not the console itself, so everyone thought it was just an attachment for the Wii. Plus, it would have been better to give it a better name or at least do “Wii 2”, so there is no weird confusion. The fact that Nintendo still sells the Wii shows that they don’t see that and continue to ruin the market themselves as sales have yet to catch up for the Wii U. I hope they do well and finally compete better alongside Sony and Microsoft, but we will just have to wait and see what happens.

2. Hardware – The Technology


It’s hard to say who is necessarily on top, overall I would pick the PS4 mostly due to its nice features and superior graphics. The others like the Wii U and the Xbox One do have their perks as well. You can compare for yourself on specifics at IGN.

1. Enough 1st And 3rd Party Support?

Nintendo is having difficulties gaining third party support due to the lack of sales for the Wii U, but the future is looking brighter for the troubled system. Microsoft doesn’t seem to have enough first party support. Sony is the only one who seems to have the best balance of the two, just simply looking at the numbers. So how does this happen and what can be done?

You have to include others in your project, letting people know ahead of time, before releasing a console in order to get them on board. This means asking around to see what developers would want or need in a system and at least try to make their requests work, so they can more easily create games and improve performance. These are the basics of better developing a console in progress.


There are of course other factors, but what I just said is the best way to help an upcoming product have a better time at release and for years to come. One has to consider what a console can do at its full potential. For example, Naughty Dog took all the power of the PS3 to create The Last Of Us and it is brilliant.

That’s just some of the work that goes into not only creating  a console with getting the message out to really make a profit and grow the fanbase, upgrading, and so forth. Video games are becoming bigger and bigger with every generation as one of the hugest entertainment mediums in the world. A lot of teamwork is necessary to succeed, you can just tell be watching the credits. I hope this possibly helps you decide on what system to buy if you plan on getting one of them or at least had fun reading some history and speculation so far for the new generation. 😀


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