The Dream Gaming Room

Published October 24, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene


On a boring car ride back home, I just made this on my laptop using the “Paint” tool.

Even if you’re not a gamer, wouldn’t it be cool to have the perfect room dedicated for entertainment? I’ve thought about what I would like to have and then what realistically I could do once I eventually get a house in the future. Do you already have something awesome like your own cave? Or is it a work in progress?

Let’s go through some of the coolest things to have for the most awesome experience. 🙂

1. The Television

I wouldn’t necessarily need the biggest TV screen with the highest graphics, but the 4K televisions they have out look incredible. I’ve watched a lot of home improvement shows that really show off with such huge living rooms with a perfect spot for a big TV or even add giant projection screens. While those channels can make a person jealous or envious, they give you good ideas.


2. Storage/Shelving

OK, I admit this is kind of lame to mention and not something we typically think about, but you gotta have a place for all the movies and games, right? Right now, I use this makeshift television stand that my dad made and it works fine and looks nice, although I don’t always like to bend over to grab anything. How about you? What do you use? I would like to at least get a nice vertical cabinet like maybe a glass display case for everything.

3. Seating

Probably one of the most, if not the most, important thing for gamers, right? I got a nice, blue moonchair that I use for gaming because it’s comfortable and holds me upright. Again, what do you use? I’m curious. It would be nice to get a specialty game chair that includes everything like cup holders and ports for MP3 players and other things to play music from its built-in speakers on the sides. As cool as that would be, I would be happy with a good-looking, comfy couch to play on.


4. Decorations

The most avid of gamers typically have fairly large collections of their favorite series like The Legend Of Zelda with all the different figures out there, for example, some more expensive and more detailed than others. I imagine that people would want to display their stuff with some “flare”. I don’t really have much collector’s items myself, but if I had the extra money here and there, I would like to at least look to see what’s out right now. I would like to eventually get some beautiful artist posters to hang up on the wall.

5. Paint

You probably want something dramatic in the color of the paint to have in the perfect man (or woman) cave, am I right? I imagine on one side of the wall, where the TV would be, having black paint with some gold and sliver sparkles (places like Menards sell small bags) mixed in to have a “space” type of look. Then I’m not sure what other colors I would have for the other walls, probably a dark shade of blue like navy blue. What colors would you like to have?

This post was mostly meant for fun, just kind of walking through what at least I would like to have in the “dream” entertainment space. I hope you enjoyed reading and I’ll see you around! Be sure to comment below on what you think. 😀