Hype For Video Games: Good Or Bad?

Published October 27, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene


Fans always get excited for upcoming games, but there are just some video games that get people going nuts as they impatiently wait for them to be released. I personally get “hyped up” sometimes for the really big, popular ones like Super Smash Bros. (4) for the Wii U out on November 21st. But most of the time I try to keep myself reserved and calm because they may not always turn out. My brother, for instance, was hopeful yet cautious for Alien Isolation, so when it didn’t do as well as he would’ve liked, he was disappointed but alright.

So is hype good or bad or does it depend on the situation?

I think that hype is mostly a good thing, not just for business in the video game industry. For example, if Nintendo hadn’t advertised Bayonetta 2 extensively with its own Nintendo Direct (their informational videos) and got people to chat about it, I would have probably missed out on a good game. Hyrule Warriors also received a lot of popularity that it needed for skeptics to think twice about it and grabbed my attention by doing some things right. Of course, getting the word out is important as well as getting people on board with the idea is crucial.


Video games need to make an impression in order for them to be remembered with their hook and then follow through from there, especially if they get pushed back due to multiple possible issues. Super Smash Bros. is a perfect example of how it’s such a big project that it needed more time to complete and yet it has managed to keep its spot on everyone’s radar with its reveal trailers and details. As long as the extended time makes for it to become a better game, then I’m fine with the date changes. The 3DS version has already proven its quality, so I have no doubt that the Wii U version will be just as great or better. You have to let people in on what you are doing in order to keep them anticipating for more.


In the other sense, the lack of hype can improve one’s appreciation of the game. The Shadow Of Mordor for the PS4 proved to be a unexpected gem to add to your collection. No one really thought that it would turn out as wonderful as it did. Its “nemesis system” truly showed off the possibilities of next gen consoles with how complex and entertaining it is. Watching my brother slay a high-leveled orc changes the hierarchy of their army to where someone else has to take that one’s place by being promoted. Everything gets shifted around all the time, especially when you fail to complete some missions when you die; time goes on and things happen. The surprise or “shock” factor can really be beneficial.

What games are you hyped for? What are some of your own honorable mentions? Let me know in the comments and I’ll see you around!

[Update]: I managed to get Bayonetta 2 but its “First Impressions” will take longer since I’m first playing through the refinished Bayonetta 1 (that comes included) so I will be able to tell you how it has improved from its origin. I hope you understand, thank you. I’ll be sure to go in depth. 🙂