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Celebrities Who Play Video Games


Do you think that video games are just for geeks or nerds who dwell in basements for hours? Wrong. Get that stereotype out of your head because it’s not accurate at all (gamers have good lives too). Anyone can play video games, even celebrities. They’re normal people like we are with the exception of having an immense amount of popularity. It’s a fun hobby that so many of us do around the world.

I thought about this when I came across this article: (10 Celebrities Who Are Addicted To Video Games). It’s an alright article expect for the fact that it would kind of bash video games when it would say things like “he or she confessed or admitted”. The information I took from there is kept brief, so don’t worry about long paragraphs about each star with their personal lives.

So which celebrities play and what do they play? Who likes to play Pac-Man? Find out more…

I thought to keep the format the way they did it without having multiple pages (which were annoying to click through). So without further ado, here are some celebrities who like gaming:


10. Mila Kunis

First off we have Mila Kunis who really enjoyed playing World Of Warcraft, a popular online game on PC. Now she mostly plays Call Of Duty, the famous first-person shooter in the video game industry.

9. Daniel Craig

Inspired by the James Bond franchise, he is a fan of Guitar Hero and Halo.


8. Vin Diesel

He also plays World Of Warcraft. As a child, he would play Dungeons and Dragons.

7. Snoop Dog

The article didn’t really say what video games he plays, but he has starred in his own game, The Way Of The Dog, plus he did voice acting for downloadable content for Call Of Duty Ghosts.


6. Gemma Atkinson

She had played on the Gameboy during her childhood. She also said she has a “certain passion” for Call Of Duty and Tomb Raider during an interview at the 2011 Video Game Awards in the United Kingdom.

5. Seth Rogen

He has a Xbox and a Wii that he loves to play all the “latest killing war games”. He first got hooked with an arcade machine called the PlayChoice10 that included classic Nintendo games like Contra and the original Super Mario Bros.


4. Megan Fox

She is addicted to the Halo series like Halo: Reach where she likes to fight online on Xbox Live. Her favorite video game is Mortal Kombat, a big fighting game that can be painful to watch.

3. Dave Chappelle

No surprise: he too loves World Of Warcraft. He once did a parody of Grand Theft Auto.

2. Jenny McCarthy

Pac-Man is what started her love of video games at the age of 8 and then got an Atari as a reward for getting a vaccination shot. She plays on her Wii.

1. Ice-T

He too played on older systems like Atari when he was on long tour bus rides. He plays Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, and Call Of Duty. Snoop Dog will play online with him together.

While I don’t really know all of these stars, I thought it was cool how they weren’t exactly afraid, embarrassed, or ashamed to say that they are gamers. Video games probably serve as an inspiration, or at least a entertaining way to past the time, for many of them. This just goes to show that there is nothing wrong with gaming. 🙂


Before I end, I would like to mention Robin Williams. He is also a great, talented guy who loved video games. He even named his daughter Zelda after The Legend Of Zelda series because he is such a huge fan. His favorite games are: Call Of Duty, World Of Warcraft, Wizardry, Portal, Battlestation Pacific, Half-Life, Day Of Defeat, and so on. You can go to for more details. He will surely be missed.

Pray for him and his family tonight. Have a nice night.



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  1. As an avid gamer I can tell you… dwelling in the basement is a genius decision to avoid the god forsaken glare on the screen, natural light is so inconvenient!

      1. Oh I have heard of it, but if you ever played video games before the negative image painted of doing anything in a basement seems odd considering the benefits it has has for playing.

  2. How cool that all these celebrities play video games! I like “Call of Duty” and “Flower,” myself, but I’m not really a celebrity! What a nice photo of Robin Williams! He will be dearly missed!

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