First Impressions: Bayonetta 2

Published November 4, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene


Bayonetta 2 – Summary/Reception (Updated)

Now that Bayonetta 2 is now released, there are more reviews across the board. It has received “critical acclaim” from nearly everyone with an average of nine out of ten or ninety percent listed on Wikipedia. Five rated it a perfect 10/10: Eurogamer (Germany), Gamespot, Destructoid, Edge, and Joystiq. If you’re like me and you like to see what others have to say before checking a game out yourself, then this should be more than enough praise to tell that Bayonetta 2 is a great purchase.

The only two who rated this game less than the norm at about 75% were Game Revolution and Polygon. Some of the criticism was about the optional touch-screen controls which are less accurate and not as fun as the normal controls. Both GameInformer’s main complaint and compliment was that it was similar to Bayonetta 1 like sharing some of the same weapons. That’s not really an issue to me since I’m new to the series, but I can see why it’s good and bad to have similarity between games.

Beginning Of The Story (Updated) (Spoilers Ahead)

Before the prologue, you get a glimpse of “The End”, which is not original but it did show off the graphics. Just like Bayonetta 1, there is a relatively large sense of mystery as you try to figure out what is going on, especially surrounding a kid named Loki who guides you up the mountain. I like how there is more than just one enemy type in this game – now you can fight demons as you have to go to the Inferno to save Jeanne. It looks as though most of the main characters from the first game will come back for another round. That’s all I can really say at the moment about the story, no more spoilers. 🙂

Possible Concerns…

My highest concern is that the script may not be “variable” enough, or written that well; for example, in the first few chapters, Bayonetta said something like “at least you remember how to make an entrance” to three different characters. Bad dialogue is not a good idea, no matter if it’s just text or voice acting; this is just something to make a note of, it might not be so repetitive later on.

Another issue is that the chapters may be almost too lengthy with all the verses. There seem to be more extra challenges that are optional, but if you’re a “completionist” like I am, then you are spending the extra time to find and beat all of them. I think most of the chapters take over half an hour to go through, again similar to Bayonetta 1.


I’m mostly feeling good about this game so far, especially about how fast the story pace is. It took a little while to really get into Bayonetta 1. The battles are smoother as well, you can definitely tell the difference. I’m really not trying to bash the predecessor, it’s a great game too, but I’m just using it as a comparison since Bayonetta 1 was first released back in 2009.

The style or atmosphere hasn’t really changed, which is good. It’s still that comedic, overly dramatic series that fans love. It is still rated “mature” for a reason, you know.

That’s all for tonight. I’ll be back with a review probably by the next weekend or so, so thank you for being patient. Have a nice night, everybody! 😀