Review: Bayonetta 2

Published November 19, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene

Sorry, this has taken so long… I’ve been really busy. Anyways, Bayonetta 2 has definitely improved from the first with bigger and better over-the-top action and drama. The greatest being the smoother and faster battles that still keep their flare while dealing massive damage. More weapons and playable characters make for a great experience.

**** Ratings ****


Bayonetta 1: 8/10

Bayonetta 2: 9/10


The narrative is not really this game’s strength for it is often predictable and falls flat sometimes. But I still enjoyed how they finally revealed what the “Eyes Of The World” actually are and flesh out the mystery behind them. If there is ever a Bayonetta 3, this is something they will have to work on.

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Loki is a surprisingly fun character to join the cast; my only complaint about him is that he wouldn’t stop saying “love” at the end of his sentences most of the time. Aesir, The Lord Of Chaos, is not a enjoyable or intimidating final boss though; his voice had an interesting sound, but it was mostly monotone.


Like I said, it was solid. I noticed some changes in the fighting when I jumped right from 1 to 2, besides being smoother and faster, in the list of combos as well as in cosmetics of the punches and kicks. I don’t think or feel as though they took anything out from the original. Overall, it got the most needed polish that it deserved with bigger flourishes like in finishers, such as the torture attacks.


I definitely saw more the similarity that GI and others critiqued about after playing through the game in its entirety. While there are more weapons and possible combinations to mix and choose from, there are some that are just “re-skins” of previous options.

The only mode I have yet to try out is the “Tag Climax” where you have online multiplayer where you can either be cooperative or competitive and you bet halos (currency) to increase the difficulty. What I’ve seen of it seems like fun with a chain of many short challenges that you unlock through the campaign.


I wasn’t overly impressed with most of the songs, but they are still nice to listen to and accompany all the chapters well. Most go along with that “over-the-top” theme that Bayonetta has always been known for. The main theme song, “Tomorrow Is Mine”, is very similar to Bayonetta 1’s “Mysterious Destiny” in how it keeps you “upbeat” with “fast-paced instrumentation” (check out the lyrics here).

Final Note

The Bayonetta bundle is a must-have for Wii U owners for it is a unique, entertaining experience. If you love non-stop action and drama, this is for you. The added DLC is goofy fun with the Nintendo-themed costumes (Princess Peach/Daisy, Samus, etc.). It is a challenge (I tried its various difficulties to compare) even on “Easy” to survive and get the highest scores from stone to pure platinum. I hope these reviews help you decide and have a nice winter! 😀