Fun: What Songs Get Stuck In Your Head?

Published November 21, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene


Are you the kind of person who typically can listen to a song once, even months or years ago, and then have it come out of nowhere sometimes? I am one of those people who can even remember and play in my head music from literally about ten years back with the classic Crash Bandicoot and Spyro game tracks.

I thought about this because just when I started taking my third exam in my Human Biology last Friday, all the sudden I got fast-paced Christmas music  like “Coral Of Bells” playing on the back of my mind. It was annoying and only pressured me more how it made me feel like I had a time limit… not much is worst than that when being tested. Do any of you have funny moments like that? 🙂

Of course, songs that are catchy are the ones that will haunt you. Christmas jingles are probably one of the best examples of this fact, but there are some in gaming history that can stir up your skull. Right now, I think of Xenoblade Chronicles’s background music since I started replaying it again. What music are you thinking at the moment?


At least for me, orchestral music will get in there as well. I really love guitars and drums, but I also enjoy violins, trumpets, and pretty much any other instrument too. Just from games alone, I could tell you some of my favorites like Sonic’s “His World” (although the game itself did poor).

Before I go, I finally got around to adding videos/pictures to some of my older posts. If you would like to check them out again, click on the links below. Please read and listen to them. 🙂


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  • A fantastic bassline makes me bop to the song more than I should. I’m humming something right now but I can’t figure out where I’ve heard it from!

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