Special: What do you think of the “New” 3DS?

Published January 29, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


Are you getting one right away? If so, which one? I’m personally waiting until they do other special offers or editions come out plus I need more than one exclusive (Xenoblade Chronicles) to sway me into getting an upgrade. Don’t get me wrong – it looks nice, especially with the added C-Stick and the face-tracking 3D. I will probably buy it eventually when I have enough money. Tell me what you think below.

Also, I have yet to finish my reviews for Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS) and Captain Toad: Tracker (Wii U). I apologize for taking so long on those, I’ll get around to them soon. Hope you have a great night!


4 comments on “Special: What do you think of the “New” 3DS?

  • I’m half tempted to get one. Gamestop is offering $75 credit for a 2DS traded toward the New 3DS XL, which leaves an attractive $125 price tag, but I think I’ll stick with my 2DS awhile longer. The bigger screen and sleeker design are definitely tempting (the 2DS definitely feels like cheap plastic), but I think I can live without one for awhile.

    The Amiibo support also makes it tempting, but I have to keep telling myself that Amiibo’s won’t really do anything for me. They seem neat as a collectable, but I don’t think they add enough to the games to justify buying any of them.


    • Even if I get the New 3DS XL, I still plan on keeping my regular 3DS. Although it’s nice how Gamestop is offering that much credit. I remember when I traded in my Nintendo DSi XL for the 3DS for $100 credit. I traded in some other things too to lower down the price.

      As for the Amiibo support, I’m mostly getting them as collectibles, not so much for their functionality (but hopefully they’ll have more value in future games). My biggest problem with them is that they’re nearly impossible to get like Shulk and Rosalina. Right now, I have Link and Zelda.

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