Special: What Do You Think Of Amiibos?

Published March 5, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


At first, I wasn’t planning on buying any amiibos, but eventually I hopped on the rocky train. They’re surprisingly good quality at a reasonable price. I would never go to places like eBay to get them selling over a hundred dollars though.

Their functionality needs to be improved on, since they are mostly for Super Smash Bros. at the moment.

I like having figurines of my favorite characters that I couldn’t afford otherwise, but with the lack of supply versus high demand, they’re becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain. Nintendo needs to fix this, so people don’t have to scramble to multiple stores in unlikely hopes of pre-ordering each one. It would be nice if I could just stop by Gamestop anytime to pick up any of the amiibos I want off the shelves without the hassle.

I know this is an old and on-going conversation, but what do you think of them? Do you have any or plan on collecting some?


5 comments on “Special: What Do You Think Of Amiibos?

  • Functionality? The Mario Kart 8 Captain Falcon costume is fantastic and the Smash applications allow me to have my own sparring partner, that is sound enough functionality for me….that and bringing one to me and my friends bouts to see if he can beat it.

    • It’s mostly good to me too, like having a more powerful opponent than a Lv.9 computer in Super Smash Bros. I just think that the roster of games that are compatible with amiibos needs to be bigger, especially with more upcoming titles.

      • Well some of them are likely gonna get a lot of mileage while I sit in my croenr in tears asking for a F-Zero game to both come out and have amiibo support.

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