Nintendo Direct Coverage 4.1.15

Published April 2, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene

Yesterday, there was a 48-minute long Nintendo Direct. There was a lot said and shown, even though it is not as much as people wanted or expected. I’ve been reading many criticisms from fans and others alike, but I thought it was mostly good for what it was. The best part of it was definitely the second trailer for Fire Emblem If, followed by the confirmation that Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei is still alive (I was right to have hope!).


Most of the video was focused on, you guessed it, Amiibos. The Wave 4 of SSB characters will be released on May 29. Waves 5 (Dark Pit & Palutena) and 6 (Olimar, Dr. Mario, etc.) will be out in July and September respectively. There will also be Yarn Yoshis (yes, you’re reading this right) that will come in three colors: green, pink, and light blue.

You can find everything here. Thanks to GameInformer as always. 🙂