Special: Team Nohr or Team Hoshido? Vote!

Published April 14, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene

The second trailer for Fire Emblem If have sparked a lot of fans to get excited by telling a little more about what the game will be about and how the choices you make will truly change the fate of the war. On Facebook and other sites, I already see the hashtag “#TeamNohr” and “#TeamHoshido” even though we still don’t know a lot about either side. The hype is real and strong for Fire Emblem If.

Help me decide by choosing either Nohr or Hoshido in the poll below. If the game is going to be split into two versions for the rest of the world like it will be in Japan, I’ll be getting both, but I don’t know which path to choose first. You can also comment your choice and say why too, if you want. So, which one is better? 🙂