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A Comprehensive Guide To Helldivers


Here I’ll talk about what I recommend for your next helldive. I’ll list some tips, my preferred weapons and stratagems, and more! There’ll be some spoilers, like when certain unlocks happen. Be sure to check out my first impressions and review of the indie title here and here respectively. So without a further ado, let’s go through some survival strategy. Continue reading “A Comprehensive Guide To Helldivers”

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Preview: Splatoon


Nintendo’s upcoming new IP called Splatoon is going to be released May 29th, so I’ll catch you up to speed. It’s a third-person shooter with a unique twist of going after territory instead of kills. The main mode, Turf War, has eight players (four vs. four) trying to cover the most ground with their color paint in three minutes and the team who has more territory by the end wins.

There is another chance to try out its online multiplayer for an hour on Saturday, May 23rd, if you can’t wait six more days from then. From what I’ve heard, the demo was enough to convince most to be on board. 10 more days! Continue reading “Preview: Splatoon”

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E3 News!


It’s becoming to be that time of year again… E3!

Hopefully E3 will encourage gamers to stay excited for the rest of the year and into 2016 as many are getting disappointed over delays for big games like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and The Legend Of Zelda. Game Informer is keeping track of when things are happening in June with their schedule; Nintendo and now Microsoft have recently announced their plans.


My friends and I are looking forward to more on Persona 5, Final Fantasy XV, FE X SMT, Fallout 4, Sly 5, and so on. For 2015, my most anticipated game is probably Xenoblade Chronicles X (as you can tell from all the articles). So much hype!

Which company are you most looking forward to watching? What are your hopes for E3? Please comment below! It’s going to be fun!


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Review: Helldivers


This indie, top-down shooter is worth the $20 and then some. It brings as much fun as a $60 game like Call Of Duty easily with its challenging “diplomacy” that is really addictive. Fighting a three-front war brings enough diversity of enemies to fight against: the Cyborgs, Bugs, and Illuminate. The variety of weapons and Stratagems are fun to unlock and try out to customize your loadout. And with the continued support of free updates and cool DLC too, Arrowhead Game Studios is becoming a great game developer.

You can check out my first impressions here. Soon, I’ll write a guide for both new and more experienced Helldivers later (sorry for taking so long!), but for now check out GameInformer’s tips for “slightly dying less” out there.

Continue reading “Review: Helldivers”