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Published May 14, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


This indie, top-down shooter is worth the $20 and then some. It brings as much fun as a $60 game like Call Of Duty easily with its challenging “diplomacy” that is really addictive. Fighting a three-front war brings enough diversity of enemies to fight against: the Cyborgs, Bugs, and Illuminate. The variety of weapons and Stratagems are fun to unlock and try out to customize your loadout. And with the continued support of free updates and cool DLC too, Arrowhead Game Studios is becoming a great game developer.

You can check out my first impressions here. Soon, I’ll write a guide for both new and more experienced Helldivers later (sorry for taking so long!), but for now check out GameInformer’s tips for “slightly dying less” out there.




Super Earth is in need of some brave heroes to fight back! You need to take back the surrounding planets, one region at a time. Every planet you liberate will add towards the community influence that helps everyone get closer to each enemy homeworld.


While this game doesn’t have much of a story, it is funny to read and hear all the historical and science fiction references here and there – stopping thoughtcrime, managed democracy, and so on. I would’ve liked for Helldivers to explore deeper into these things, but it doesn’t change my enjoyment of the game.


I’ve gone through a lot of the basics in my first impressions of Helldivers, so I’ll instead tell you about some of the missions including the new ones from the “Turning Up The Heat” update. Later on, I’ll post a late beginners guide on what I recommend as well as some tips and advice for down the road.

  • Capture Area(s) – Clear out the aliens around it and hold it for a certain period of time
  • Escort Research Convey(s) – You have to protect a minecart as it slowly makes its way on rails to its objective. Can’t take heavy hits!
  • Escort Survivors – You have to save at least of them in order to be successful, similar to ‘Escort Research Convey(s)’ and ‘Retrieve The Black Box’ (You’re going to love this mission! NOT!)
  • Retrieve Black Box – You have to find a suitcase and then deliver it to a certain base. While carrying it, you will either have to use a one-handed pistol or a sub-machine gun to protect yourself.
  • Activate Oil Extractors – You activate them just like using a Stratagem, only it has multiple steps.
  • Activate S.A.M. Site – Exactly like Oil Extractors
  • Activate Truth Transmitter(s) – Exclusive to Cyborg Space, For Democracy!
  • Destroy Bug Nest(s) – Use a bomb or other explosive weaponry to take care of them
  • And so on…


New Missions From “Turning Up The Heat”

  • Repair And Fire Artillery – It’s like a combination of ‘Activate S.A.M. Site’ and ‘Retrieve Black Box’ of entering coordinates and uploading ammunition
  • Disarm Unexploded Ordnance – Fail to enter the coordinates correctly will blow you up! Yay!
  • Geological Survey – You have to defend the machine while you activate it


The background music is mostly good, but can be a little repetitive when playing for a long time. It all really goes with the patriotic theme Helldivers is going for.

Like I said before, the small amount of voice acting is humorous, but it can also be annoying after a while. They have short catchphrases like “For Democracy!”

Final Note

Helldivers is a great title to add to your game library for it’s a perfect to play on the couch with friends and family. The controls are easy and quick to figure out, but memorizing and mastering takes time. All the enemies are difficult to kill, even the Bugs are harder with its new addition that has a long range. I think I nearly covered everything, so this is it for now. Thanks for reading and I’ll post again soon! Good luck out there!


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