First Impressions: Splatoon

Published June 14, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


Splatoon is Nintendo’s hippest new IP that really shows that Nintendo still has plenty of creative juices flowing. Everything is enjoyable from transforming into a squid to seeing the Miiverse community (mostly funny memes) in the plaza. I got to do the whole single-player campaign and a little of the Battle Dojo, but unfortunately not the main event. I’ll hold off from doing the review until then, but from what I’ve played, I highly recommend it to any Wii U owner.

*I apologize for taking so long to publish this. I was planning on waiting until I was able to go online to play the main “Turf War” mode or regular battles, but it wouldn’t work for me. From what I’ve heard, the servers actually do very well, it’s just that my internet connection sucks.

Single-Player Campaign (Fight Off The Octorians!)

While this mode is too short in my opinion (27 levels), it is quite neat to play through each of the levels. There is a little replayability with trying to find each of the Sunken Scrolls, more so with the three Amiibos unlocking exclusive gear (Inkling Boy/Girl, Squid). Right away, you can tell that Splatoon was inspired by Super Mario Galaxy, but it has its own unique flair.

It has some exclusive mechanics that made for great puzzles and mildly-challenging fights. Things like sponges, for example, were a simple but nice tool for getting across gaps and creating high ground in battle arenas.


I got the Inkling Girl. Surprisingly, you can find both the Inkling Boy and Girl fairly easily compared to most of the Amiibos. I was hoping they would add more missions, but instead they just have you replay ones you’ve already done with different weapons (like the Charger). You unlock some cool stuff.

The few or so bosses were not the hardest by any means, but they were cleverly made. The first one, a rolling octo cube, you face had to be defeated by quickly shooting a trail and then climbing up it by going into squid form to get to the top where its weak spot is.

In terms of story, there’s not much there. Basically, what powers Inkopolis – the Zapfish – have been stolen by the Octorians and it’s up to you, Agent 3, to get them back. As you read some of the Sunken Scrolls, history tells that Inklings and Octorians have a hatred of each other. I still need to collect them all, but they’re slightly interesting, even if they don’t offer much information about the fiction.

Battle Dojo (2-Player)

This is more for training than anything else, not so much about actual local multiplayer sadly. The objective is to pop more balloons than your opponent, a lackluster add-on for the sake of having another bullet point on the back cover. Unlike the single-player campaign, you can at least try out different weapons without the need for Amiibos.


Final Note

Again, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to fully evaluate this game. Splatoon is a mainly online multiplayer game, so if you don’t have access to an high-speed internet connection, whether that be yours or a friend’s, then don’t get it. Hopefully, I will eventually be able to try it all out, but I can’t in the meantime. From everything I’ve been hearing and reading, people really love Splatoon. It has its flaws, but the most of the foundation is there. It definitely has potential in the future, I hope it does well.