First Impressions: Super Mario Maker

Published September 27, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene

So far, I’ve played about a couple or so hours of Super Mario Maker. I found myself liking to build levels more than playing other people’s courses. The community has some great ones, but a lot of them are either super-difficult or “Don’t touch anything” where you try to survive or listen to a song; I hope that there will eventually be more diverse level creation and some middle-ground difficulties in the future. Other than that, the game itself is mostly excellent. There are some missed opportunities and questionable arrangements, but overall I can see myself and my friends and family enjoy this for a while.



There really isn’t a story in this game (though some would argue most Mario games don’t have one). There are sample courses you can unlock after playing the 10-Mario Challenge where you just have ten lives to beat eight random levels. It’s simply starts with Princess Peach getting kidnapped as usual (spoiler alert) and Mario goes after her. When you defeat the boss, you find Toad *wait for it…* who says she was taken to another castle. The End!

I have yet to try out the 100-Mario Challenge, but I heard that you can unlock amiibo costumes for the Mystery Mushroom that way. [Update] Just did it on ‘Normal’ difficulty (16 random levels from the community) and it was good. If there is ever one that was too difficult to complete, you can always skip over it and try a different course.


Create: For the first time, you can create the 2D levels of your dreams in Super Mario Maker! While you don’t have everything at your disposal, like some of the power-ups, but there is still a lot to play with. Each new day, you’ll get a shipment of items and stages to try out. While this limits the amount of things you can do right away, it gives you a reason to at least check out the game for five minutes.

Play: I’ve already told you about the 10 and 100-Mario Challenges, but you can also just pick out ones that interest you from around the world either by scrolling or by entering in a Course ID of a particular level you want to play. When you upload a level, you’ll get notifications about how many people played it and if anyone gave you a medal. Medals or stars from others show that they really liked it and they let you upload more courses (you can upload at most 10 at first).

And that’s basically it for the gameplay. Cool, right?



Super Mario Maker kept close to the original tunes of the four main games it took some mechanics from: Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 3, and New Super Mario Bros. U. There was also some additional funny sound/visual effects that weren’t in any of the previous games like how you can have a cat paw attack when you defeat an enemy.

Everything felt well done with hardly anything out of place. My only concern is how some of the community will go overboard with a few of the features in their levels, but that’s just my opinion.

Final Note

I highly recommend this game to Wii U owners since the game catalog is low this year with big titles like Star Fox and The Legend of Zelda being pushed back into 2016, but especially to Mario fans who want to revisit their nostalgia for the classics like Super Mario World. It can be very entertaining and addicting to play with friends and family, like the other day when my mom was impressed by some of the levels I created so far. I’ll have a review up soon, so stay tuned!

Also, here are some Course IDs of my levels, please try them out and enjoy!

  1. Ike’s Big Journey (AA3F-0000-0072-9F2E)
  2. Ghost Manor #1 (CEF8-0000-006D-961A)
  3. Bowser’s Floating Battlefield (DF43-0000-006A-035D)
  4. Escape Outta Crazy Town (7066-0000-0067-2C12)
  5. The Triforce (9187-0000-0063-01B1) [Update: No longer on server]
  6. My First Level (6AA8-0000-005E-30CA)

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