Review: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All

Published October 13, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


The story of Phoenix Wright continues with some mystery from his first game. The cases were consistently good I thought, with the last one really standing out as it should to leave you thinking and wanting more. There was only a few issues I had with it, but it was great otherwise.

** Review **

** 8.0/10 **


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All is the second game of the series where you continue to play Phoenix Wright through his long journey. There were some things that occurred in the first game, including a big cliffhanger (won’t spoil it for you) that just haunts you until it’s resolved towards the end. While I think the story is mostly solid, the third case was arguably the worst one ever in the series.

It did well in how introduced some new characters as well as still developing the main characters at the same time. The last case really sticks with you by surprisingly catching you off guard and leaves you contemplating for a while.


The gameplay is mostly the same as before, but with a few improvements. One of the additions is how the character profiles of everyone involved in the case can be used. The biggest, new feature though is the unlocking of Psych-Locks in order to get more out of people; it’s interesting how it pushes you to think more about your evidence and if you’ve covered everything. There’s also a health bar that you have to maintain through both the investigations and court trials instead of just having multiple “!” chances to fix mistakes, which challenges you a little more.


The music is still spot-on, very much similar to the first game in the series. It’ll mostly get stuck in your head, and then soon you’ll want to start shouting “Take That!” and “Objection!” even when you’re not playing the game.

The Ace Attorney series honestly, to me at least, has one of the best game soundtracks. Like I’ve said before, with certain types of games like visual novels, music can either make or break the experience. But there’s nothing to worry about here.

 Final Note

Out of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, Justice For All may be the weakest of the three games, but it’s still great and worthwhile to play. It serves as a bridge of sorts, with some things left unresolved once again. Who knew it would fun to be a defense attorney?

This news has been out for a while now – Ace Attorney 6 is in the works! There is some trailers and gameplay shown where Phoenix travels to a new place that relies on channeling the memories of the dead to determine judgement. 😀

There is also going to be a new anime for the Ace Attorney series coming in April 2016! 🙂