Review: The Wonderful 101

Published December 27, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


The Wonderful 101 just didn’t click with me. You can check out my first impressions here. There was some quirky humor with the story and characters since I enjoyed how they played off of superhero stereotypes at times and the overall atmosphere was just fun. Other than that however, I found the gameplay to be too frustrating to deal with. So without further ado, here’s my review.

** Review **

** 4.0/10 **


The narrative of this game is pretty much paper-thin. It gives you a reason why Wonder Red and the rest of the superheroes are needed to save the day, but really offers nothing else besides that. “In The Wonderful 101, Earth comes under attack from an invasion of alien terrorists known as the Geathjerk Federation Armada, and the planet’s hopes rest in the hands of the Wonderful Ones: 100 superheroes operating under orders from a division of the UN. The Wonderful Ones can temporarily combine into various constructs, such as bridges or giant swords, a power referred to as Unite Morphing.” – Wikipedia



The camera is probably one of the biggest problems because you can’t always see what you’re doing or where all the enemies are. Since it’s more of a top-down perspective most of the time, you only get a extremely zoomed out look of each battle. That wouldn’t so terrible if everything wasn’t too small to begin with and if buildings didn’t block your sight at times.


The “Unite Morphing” could’ve been done better, but is hard at times thanks to the bad use of the Wii U Gamepad. In order to use certain powers, like the giant sword of Wonder Blue, or to do things like creating a bridge, you have to trace it out. It’s an interesting idea even though it’s not really original, but if done wrong leaves players dying or otherwise annoyed when trying to get to the next segment.

There wasn’t much to the combat unfortunately. You normally press A for standard attacks and the X for team attacks and that’s all. It would’ve been nice to have different combos, but I wasn’t expecting input commands like Mortal Kombat or Bayonetta. Much of the action felt automated and therefore impersonal, which largely contributed to why I felt detached from this game.


As I’ve said before, everything was okay, but nothing extraordinary. The voice acting, background music, and so forth all suited the theme of The Wonderful 101. However, at least to me, nothing stood out.

Most of the greatest games either have so many amazing soundtracks or a lack of one (in a good way) in order to create an intriguing experience. The Wonderful 101 didn’t entice me in any way in this regard.

Other Things…

The artstyle, mostly before playing the game, kind of pushed me away at first, but I eventually got used to it. The environments you go through don’t really serve as good eye candy; they’re mostly generic. I liked how everything was colorful though.

Final Note

I don’t recommend The Wonderful 101. It’s certainly not for everyone. I wanted to give it a try mainly because of how I enjoyed Platinum Games’s Bayonetta series. So, I finally gave the game a chance when it was offered for 700 coins in Club Nintendo’s farewell catalog.

If you do want to play The Wonderful 101 to see for yourself how you like it, I wouldn’t download it off the Nintendo eShop since it takes 10 GB.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and I’ll blog again soon! 🙂