First Impressions: Persona 5

Published April 25, 2017 by Amanda B. Greene

Persona 5 is a new Japanese role-playing game that came out on April 4th and I’m enjoying every minute of it. I got the “Take Your Heart” special edition right when it released because I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time among the Persona fans. I feel like I’m almost towards the end of the game, but I won’t say any spoilers.

The game will start off every time if you wish to join the Thieves’ Guild, which requires internet connection. It doesn’t affect the story at all and it doesn’t provide many features, but from what I’ve read you can ask for help from other players in dungeons. However, I don’t know how that exactly works. You can also see what others do on a daily basis as well as cheat by getting the right answers whenever teachers ask you questions. The one part of it I like to take advantage of is the random Network Fusion, which a option later in the game within the Velvet Room.

I like the story premise a lot and the characters are very fun. I can relate to some of them in different ways while still connecting to the others who I don’t share similar experiences with. Persona 5 tackles some heavy topics like abusive teachers and coaches to evil politicians. Even though they’re often exaggerated for added drama, some of them are very much things that happen in real life.

In terms of gameplay, it’s very much similar to Persona 4. Though, there is a lot more you can do now such as playing video games and going to the batting cages. Most interactions with the environment and characters offer you stats towards your characteristics and growths towards your relationships. These are important as they play into many parts of the game. The battles are mostly the same too with added improvements.

The art style is amazing and eye-catching, even if the graphics to some may seem a little outdated. I didn’t mind it all really as I always enjoy running through Japan and other places.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably be able to write an review soon after I beat the game, so stay tuned! You’ll never see it coming! 😉

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