Why Berkut Is One Of The Best Villains In Fire Emblem

Published October 27, 2017 by Amanda B. Greene

Warning: There will be major spoilers for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia. If you haven’t beaten the main story yet, then you probably shouldn’t read this blog post. Maybe bookmark it for later? You’ve been warned.


Berkut is one of the main, recurring antagionists in Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia. He is the cousin of Emperor Rudolf and he is chosen to be his successor to the Rigelian throne. However, everything starts to gradually fall apart when Alm comes in out of nowhere.

For the Rigelian Empire, strength and power are what you strive for. Berkut has made a name for himself as one of the best Rigelian generals with his skill on the battlefield. The castle of the Kingdom of Zofia was recently taken over after their king was assassinated. The rebel group called the “Deliverance”, the only ones left to defend Zofia, greatly lost morale and men. Complete, flawless victory seemed to be all but assured.


But then the Deliverance gains a second wind when Alm was chosen as their new leader. Expecting this to be a slaughter, Berkut chose to stand back and watch for entertainment from inside the castle at General Desiax’s suggestion. Surprisingly to him, they managed to retake the castle in a great fight against Desaix, forcing Berkut and the rest of his forces to retreat.

After this, he gets defeated over and over again to the point of disgrace, eventually losing all his sanity. He could not stand losing to an army led by someone who was not a noble, just a “farmboy” that somehow ruined everything for him. Berkut then seeked out Duma after hearing voices in his head, which led him to sacrifice his wife Rinea for greater power.

Alm discovered that he is actually the son of Emperor Rudolf, the true rightful heir to the Rigelian throne, only shortly after his father dies in the aftermath of the battle in front of the Rigel Castle. Saddened over the loss and filled with regret, he was understandably angry and confused as to why all of this had to happen, but there was no time to grieve as he had to go save Celica. As Alm made his way to Duma’s Tower, he ran into Berkut and he was forced to defeat him, though he didn’t want things to end this way.


Berkut may seem almost stereotypical as it is hard to see anything “good” in him, only seeing the evil side at first with his bloodlust and desire to take over the world. However, there is a memory prism later in the game that reveals that he used to be kind once, showing how he was sweet to Rinea and they had a good relationship.

Berkut is an new, original character in Fire Emblem Echoes as he was never in Fire Emblem Gaiden. I think he is a great addition to the story because Berkut serves as a counterpart to Alm; he could have been like Berkut had he been raised in the Rigelian Empire instead of Ram Village, considering how they’re both the same age. On top of that, Berkut becomes another family member lost to the war and Duma’s horrible influence, which further fuels Alm to finally put an end to Duma and his tyranny.


What do you think about Berkut? I really enjoyed Fire Emblem Echoes with its characters, gameplay, music, voice acting, and so on… I recommend it, check out my game review here. I hope you liked this blog post, and I’ll be back again soon. Sorry again for the few delays, and thank you for reading.

The pictures are from Google and the Fire Emblem Wikia. Go to their website to learn more specifically what happens throughout the game and other facts if you’d like more than my summary of events.