Review: Pokemon Ultra Sun

Published January 15, 2018 by Amanda B. Greene


Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are remasters or definitive editions of sorts to Pokemon Sun and Moon respectively. As the final entries on the Nintendo DS/3DS family of handhelds for the franchise, Nintendo really put in the effort to make these games great. I picked up the sunny version when it came out, and I’ve recently completed it, so here’s the review.

** Review: 8.5/10 **



In terms of story, I think that overall it was improved over the original. However, I felt that too many things were crammed into the main story, so some parts and characters were sidelined. Lillie and Gladion, for example, were the stars of Pokemon Moon, but in Pokemon Ultra Sun, Hau was given more of the spotlight; Hau shines as he becomes more serious about what happens. If you played Pokemon Moon or Sun like I did (I played Pokemon Moon), then there are still plenty of surprises to look forward to with all the changes.

There are some problems I had with Pokemon Ultra Sun… The Legendary Pokemon, Solgaleo and Lunala, and the Ultra Beast Necrozma didn’t seem to have much of an effect on the world, which was disappointing. When you arrive in Ultra Megalopolis, you only go there once for one battle, but then you can’t learn about or explore that world; the Ultra Recon Squad doesn’t do much. Mysteries surrounding the Ultra Beasts, such as why they look and act differently than normal Pokemon and why they’ve only just appeared in the Alola region, are still not fully explained. These are the main issues, but they don’t necessarily detract from the experience.

The new episode at the end with Team Rainbow Rocket is awesome, a lot better than the Looker missions in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Nostalgia hits you as you fight against bosses from across the series. It also leaves the door open for future installments.



Pokemon Ultra Sun plays mostly the same as other Pokemon games on the Nintendo 3DS with some added content. I enjoy the Mantine Surfing between islands, and I love traveling through the Ultra Wormhole. The Ultra Wormhole is addictive and challenging, making it one of the best minigames they’ve added in a long time.

The Alola Photo Club is an alright feature, but it is not the greatest with some of its limitations. You can’t really move the Trainer or the Pokemon too much in a tight circle, so while you can create some fun pictures, it can be a bit difficult to use. The number of unlockable stickers and backgrounds is neat though as some even show parts of other regions.

The Rotom Dex is better as he actually helps you more with your adventure by giving useful hints and suggestions, along with the new “Roto Loto” feature where he’ll offer different buffs for a limited time. You can make some good money from battles, for example, with “Roto Prize Money” activated.

The Battle Agency is decent as well, though admittedly I haven’t played it enough to truly say one way or another. It is similar to the Battle Tree, though you use random, rented Pokemon to fight in only single battles in three-against-three rounds.


Still great! I think most of the tracks carry over from the originals to the Ultra versions. The only ones I thought were odd are the background songs for the Tapu Guardians on each island. Some of the more intense music like Gladion’s and Lusamine’s themes are my favorites.

Here’s a link to the Team Rainbow Rocket Battle Music.


Final Note

If you are a Pokemon fan, or even if you are not, I recommend Pokemon Ultra Sun. It’s an entertaining Nintendo 3DS game to add to the collection. Even after completing the main story and Team RR episode, I still play it a lot.

Pro Tip: Always save before battling in the Ultra Wormhole as there is a higher chance of encountering shiny variants. Many Legendary Pokemon and Ultra Beasts also spawn the further you go in rare portals.

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoyed it! 🙂