Fire Emblem Heroes Update (8/1/18)

Published August 1, 2018 by Amanda B. Greene


Even though it was released over a year ago, Fire Emblem Heroes continues to bring more characters, updates, and other content for new and old fans. I’m still addicted to what is my favorite mobile game of all time because I love this franchise. Nintendo Mobile recently had a small Feh Channel to mainly discuss upcoming changes in early August, which you can watch right here. Down below, I’ll be discussing some of my thoughts on recent events and how they can continue to improve the game.

Forging Bonds is the newest game mode to introduced to Fire Emblem Heroes, which has received some mixed reactions. You still have four days left to play it and earn some of the rewards. It is similar to Tempest Trials+ in how you build up points, but you only fight once instead of doing seven battles in a row at most. Each character is represented by one of four different colored hearts, which are given randomly for each kill and lead mostly to either support conversations (C-S), feathers, or accessories.


Personally, I liked it, but it does need some minor fixes. The grind was worse than usual as each battle costs 15 stamina when it should at least vary depending on the chosen difficulty. Characters you have to defeat are only equipped with their default skills, making the battles easy and not unique. My suggestion would be to surprise players by giving enemies kits they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise like giving Donnel a Flame Siegmund and other things crazy like that; I think I heard others say this as well.

The rewards could be better, but we already have other events that are generous with orbs. Accessories are cute, but you basically get two of each one with the second being only slightly different from the first (Example: Damsel’s Ribbon > Damsel’s Ribbon EX (Adds gem)). We want cooler items like Emperor Rudolf’s crown or the Fire Emblem itself. Libra had the best support conversations as they tell us the most about him versus the what the others had to say, so I hope they are deeper in the future.


Moving on, a new legendary banner just appeared yesterday staring Lucina: Glorious Archer as the first blue bow unit. Her artwork and new abilities are great, however players have been divided due to how this is her fourth alt (five total). I think the frustration has been building for a while and this was just a boiling point because other characters have been getting a little too much attention as well like Robin, Corrin, Lyn, Camilla, and so on. The amount of likes versus dislikes on the trailer plus the comments show an awful side to the Fire Emblem community.

I have no problem with Lucina as I like the character a lot and I love Fire Emblem Awakening. It makes sense that the most popular characters would often take the spotlight, but I feel that Intelligent Systems needs to listen more to their fans. I think they’re already doing a good job at that since they’ve done a lot since the game’s launch, though there is always room for improvement. It may be a good idea to have another optional survey like the one before asking about what we’d like to possibly see down the road to react to the recent backlash.


Here’s my brief thought on Arena. The new rank and other minor changes are nice, but they don’t provide anything for those who haven’t even been able to reach Tier 20. F2P players struggle due to the lack of merges and skill fodder that others have, so perhaps they could find a way to change that somehow like making a new and separate game mode similar to Arena Assault.

I would also appreciate it if ranged characters counted more in the arena duels. Right now, they are not viable to have on your team since melee units, particularly armored monsters like Hector, usually bring in the most points.


So, what do you think about my thoughts, the recent Feh Channel, or just Fire Emblem Heroes in general? Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Fun Fact: Fire Emblem Heroes has hit a new milestone at $400 million worldwide! You can read more about it from Variety‘s article by clicking right here.