Review: Kid Icarus Uprising

Published September 24, 2018 by Amanda B. Greene


For today, I’ll be revisiting one of my favorite Nintendo 3DS games, Kid Icarus Uprising. It originally came out on March 22nd, 2012, six years ago. While the controls can become painful after playing for too long, this main critique does not take away from what is an otherwise a great adventure. I’ve talked about it in previous articles, saying that it is a must-have for anyone with a 3DS and how there should be a sequel in the future (Not 20 years away though!). “Sorry to keep you waiting!” – Pit

** Review: 8.5/10 **

Story (No Spoilers!)

The story, especially with all the characters and voice-acted dialogue, is the best part about Kid Icarus Uprising. The goddess of light, Palutena, and her faithful angel named Pit fight against the Underworld Army, led by Medusa, and many other enemies along the way.

You fly and land into seemingly larger-than-life battles, defeating giant creatures that each have different moves and strategies. Right away, the first level has Pit take down Twinbellows, learning how to dodge and aim when he’s downed.


This is a game that often doesn’t take itself seriously (in a good way) through humorous conversations in each chapter that usually break the fourth wall, even making fun of themselves and using different references.


This is the part that hurts, as much as I love this game. The controls make it so you have to hold the Nintendo 3DS uncomfortably, which can become painful and numbing after a long period of time. This just means you have to take breaks, even if you really want to know what happens next. Most of the time, I need to stop playing after one or two chapters to make sure I wasn’t hurting my hands.

Weapon selection and fusion are great as you have a lot of options to choose from with the various types and modifications that can easily be made. Greater weapons can be earned through higher difficulties, transformation, given by friends via Streetpass, and bought with hearts.

Experimenting and testing out which ones you like the best were highly rewarding experiences for me, trying to create the best tool for the job. I ended up liking the staffs and blades the most, but each type (9 total) significantly changed how to approach each situation. Abilities from Palutena also helped with healing, setting up traps, boosting stats, debuffing with status effects, and so on.


Besides the moderately long single-player campaign, there are also a couple of multiplayer modes that can be played locally or online. It was a lot of fun as you joined on teams or did a Free-For-All, trying to survive and kill as many opponents as you can. There may still be a relatively large group of gamers still playing online despite how old Kid Icarus Uprising is from what I’ve heard recently.

A couple of other bonuses include trophy collecting and a special camera mode using AR Cards. I think six of them come with the purchase of the game if you buy a physical copy.


Personally, I love the soundtrack and I don’t think anyone had problems with it either as they did an amazing job creating iconic background music, such as the Boss Battle 1 theme with its rockin’ guitar rifts.

Final Note

I wanted to do a review because I started replaying Kid Icarus Uprising again, remembering all the epic moments this game had that are still unique from what we normally see from Nintendo and other developers in general. I’d love to see them return to the franchise as there is a lot they can do and cover in this universe and lore.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!