First Impressions: Dragalia Lost

Published September 28, 2018 by Amanda B. Greene


Dragalia Lost is a new mobile game from Nintendo that released yesterday. I’ve played the first few chapters by myself after going through the large and small downloads up front. It has potential to be a great amount of fun, especially with the co-op multiplayer, but there is a lot of information and mechanics thrown at you in the beginning to create a learning curve of sorts with all the menus and options. Ready to form a pact?


You play as a prince named Euden (or your own name) who has to travel and fight in order to protect his kingdom from the raise of monstrous fiends invading the land, joined by his sister Zethia and a pixie. You gain new allies along the way through story progression, but for a more powerful team, you’ll need to summon for other characters, dragons, cards, and so on.

Royals are sent to find dragons and form pacts with them, but they have to prove themselves worthy before being granted that power. There are Sacred Shards scattered around the border and in the most dangerous areas to help keep enemies at bay, but they don’t seem to last forever. This is where you come in to save the day.

That is about all I know so far in summary from where I’m at in Chapter 1.


With a team of up to four characters, you explore small maps for loot and battles with a boss at the end of each quest. You press and hold your finger on the screen to move your group, tap repeatedly to attack, and slide in any direction to dodge. You only control the leader (whoever is in the leftmost slot); Correction: You can switch between fighters by tapping on their portraits in the corner. Everyone starts out with one unique move that can be used once the gauge is filled up, wiping out multiple enemies at once.

Each person wields different weapons and elements at various rarities. Having a balanced team is the best bet. I’m still learning and getting used to the game myself, but it’s not too difficult to play.

The movement feels a bit clunky to me, but I think that is the only real complaint I have so far.


All of the songs are in Japanese only, but they are catchy and beautiful to listen to. You have the option to turn the lyrics off if you want to at the beginning or in the system settings.

Final Note

Once I get through most of the story, I will likely write a review for Dragalia Lost. If you have enough space on your phone, it is worth a try to see for yourself if you’ll like it. The artstyle is very much inspired by Japanese animation, so you may not like the look of the game if you’re not the biggest fan of that.

That is all I have to say about Dragalia Lost for now, and I hope this was helpful for you. Thank you for reading, and have a nice day!



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