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Challenger Approaches: Joker!


Joker from the Persona 5 will probably arrive soon as the first part of the season pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a platforming fighting game that is considered one of the biggest crossovers ever. So, I wanted to give my guesses and hopes for his potential moveset, as well as the stage and music he’ll steal for us. Are you ready?

Arsene will undoubtedly appear if the reveal trailer was any indication. Plus, Arsene is Joker’s first and personal persona, so it’d make sense despite his ability to have multiple personas in the Fool Arcana. At the very least, I see him being used as Joker’s neutral B special where he’ll do one of his five possible moves (Eiha, Cleave, Sukunda, Dream Needle, and Adverse Resolve) that he can learn without inheritance through fusion or cards. Personally, I think it’d be cool if he was similar to Shulk, but instead of buffing himself he’d debuff others since he always has the upper hand.

For the standard A attacks, Joker will likely use a knife and pistol combination. Another neat quirk for him could be dealing more damage up-close rather than far away as he is not the type of guy to stand idly by if someone is in trouble. Dash attacks could be him attacking the enemy from behind similarly like how he rips off the masks of shadows to initiate a battle.

To recover, Arsene could just use his black wings to give Joker a lift back to the stage by flying straight upward as his up B special. I’m not exactly sure what else they could potentially do for this. Joker could additionally use the chains that bind him to his fate to latch onto ledges and grab.

Image found on Google, taken from Kotaku.

His side B special could be Joker casting a spell at random (rotating a few well-known personas like Jack Frost) for unpredictability. It’d be interesting if he had one of each element (Fire, Ice, Electric, Wind, Psychokinesis, Nuclear, Bless, Curse, and Almighty), but they’d probably focus on the first four. However, going along with the idea of debuffing foes, the introduction of new status ailments like “Rage” would be amazing. For example, “Dizzy” would lower attack accuracy so Joker won’t always take damage from otherwise successful hits (at a low percent chance to avoid being too overpowered). You can see the list of skills in Persona 5 by clicking here.

The down B special could easily be a counter like many other fighters already have as a reference to the passive skills he can have. Though if they somehow referenced Joker’s normal student life using one of his part-time jobs or hobbies, I’d prefer that. Maybe pulling random items out of his sleeves like Spicy Curry? 😉

Image taken from Polygon.

Joker went alone to the Game Awards, but some of his friends might come with him to the battlefield. The social links are important in the Persona series, one of the things that truly make these games different and great. I’m betting that his Final Smash will be an All-Out Attack since it’s quick and shows off Persona 5‘s unique and beautiful style. But there are other options as well, such as a guillotine or an endgame spoiler.

The Phantom Thieves go to many places, mostly palaces within the Metaverse, so it could be anywhere. Each DLC fighter will come with one stage and an unknown number of music tracks. I’ve heard of the idea of a traveling or transforming stage like they’ve done before like Dream Land GB, Delfino Plaza, Reset Bomb Forrest, and so on.

Mementos is a high contender as it is mysterious and then crucial to the plot later on in the story. The background could go dive through most of its depths, changing colors and becoming darker the farther down you enter, with the occasional sight of Morgana in his bus form.

Image taken from Eurogamer.

(For those unfamiliar with Persona 5, Mementos is the dungeon palace of everyone’s hearts, of those who don’t have distorted enough desires to manifest their own palaces, in the form of a subway station with seemingly endless tunnels.)

I’d like to see different parts of Japan they go to during different times of day (both real-life and fictional places) like Café Leblanc and Shibuya. As a side note, a neat easter egg could be that whenever Joker fights on certain stages with large screens like the Boxing Ring, they’d be hacked into to broadcast the Phantom Thieves logo by a particular individual…

The Persona 5 soundtrack is fantastic, so it’s difficult to only pick a few songs. They probably won’t do the Castlevania treatment, for example, because Simon and Richter were long into development and part of the initial roster, so there was more time to work with. It’d be more than a little unfair to expect or ask that out of the team.

For the DLC, I’m going to guess that there’ll be between three to ten tracks with the chance of one or two possible remixes. Here are the songs I’m predicting (and really want!):

  • Rivers In The Desert
  • Life Will Change (Instrumental)
  • Will Power
  • Triumph (Please let this play whenever Joker wins a match…)
  • Blooming Villain
  • Swear To My Bones
  • Keeper of Lust
  • Desire
  • Tokyo Daylight
  • Sweatshop

A YouTube channel called Underbuffed OST has a full playlist of the Persona 5 soundtrack if you’d like to listen to them.

Final Note
Persona 5 is one of my favorite games, so when I first heard that Joker is coming to Smash, I didn’t believe it and the internet exploded. I really look forward to everything they plan on doing with him and future DLC.

I’ll be writing more about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and other games soon! January was a tough month for me, mostly with illness, but February is off to a better start. Here are a couple other related articles if you’re interested in reading more and have a great day! Thank you for reading. 🙂






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