Most of the posts will have something next to it like “Special: …” in order to better organize and identify them. They’ll hopefully make sense eventually as more posts come and build up. These are just generalized terms attached to the titles of the articles to tell you what to expect. Each one has a different definition:

Special = This is one of the most common categories that will include either opinion-based articles or other odd things or both.

Fun = A sub-category of “Special” of sorts, not really informative but just typed for your enjoyment with plenty of jokes

Top Ten = Another sub-category of “Special” where I list out the best of things like games for a particular system, may not always be in the title

Preview = A glimpse of what to expect for an upcoming game, usually days or a week before it comes out

First Impressions = What I think of a game within the first few hours or so of playing a game along with some details

Review = Just what it means – a rating of how well a game did in my books

More categories will probably come so I will update this list accordingly to avoid any confusion. I hope you continue to enjoy my blog! I’m looking forward to what you have to say, so please comment! 😀


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