Rating System


When I write out reviews for the latest games I buy, it will look something like this:

I’ll be rating games out of ten similar to how GameInformer does their reviews. I appreciate how they narrow down the reasons to fully explain why and where the game did great or terrible in its score. With the number, there will also be a medal (Bronze, Silver, and Gold) depending on where it places on the scale:

1 – 5 = Not worth it, hard to drag yourself through = No medal awarded

6 = Just barely enough to get a medal, but you still probably shouldn’t get it out of frustration = Bronze

7 – 8 = May not be for everyone, but has some value = Silver

9 – 10 = Close to perfect, a must have = Gold

I’ll always point out criticisms, advice, and praise for the story and gameplay. I may also add other things from time to time like saying something about the music, extras, and so on. I like to go in-depth whenever I talk about something, but I’ll work on keeping it short if I go overboard, so please let me know. Other than all of that, this is what to expect for my reviews.

Here’s a list of reviews I’ve done so far (in order):

The first few or so reviews, I’m planning on getting the big titles for the Wii U like Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros., so I’m really not being biased towards the other gaming consoles. I don’t have an Xbox One, nor do any of my friends, so I can’t really review games for that system (sorry). I appreciate what all video game companies have to offer. [Update]: I may or may not get a Nintendo Switch in the future, so I won’t be able to evaluate those games either for a long time.

Most of the reviews will be of newer games, but occasionally I’ll be going back to older games that have been out for a while now to change things up.

Once I get a game, I’ll try to publish a review for it as soon as I can, but I need time to fully evaluate everything it has to offer. Reviews may take at least a week or so before I can tell you what I think, so please be patient. I’m a college student, so you can imagine how busy I am. Thank you for understanding.

That is all, thanks again for visiting my blog! 😀


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