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Fire Emblem Fates’ Third Path DLC Trailer

Published July 13, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene

Here’s a brief look of what to see in Fire Emblem If/Fates if you choose to not pick a side. It looks very interesting to say the least. It is called the Invisible Kingdom in Japan.


Fire Emblem Fates Has Online Multiplayer

Published June 27, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


According to Gematsu, Fire Emblem If has online multiplayer, a feature not announced by Nintendo before the release in Japan. It’s interesting how you can have five versus five battles with friends or strangers. I’m don’t know whether or not your characters die in this, but if they do, then I’m sure there will be bloodshed (not just in the game).

What do you think? If your units do die, would you dare to try fighting other people or not touch this mode? Myself, I’d probably be too scared to try it if that’s the case. Still, it’s great that Nintendo is attempting different ways of trying to implement multiplayer in the series like Awakening and Shadow Dragon did.

Here’s The First English Trailer Of Fire Emblem If (Now Called Fates)

Published June 16, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


Fire Emblem If is now changed to Fire Emblem Fates for the west. I’m unsure how I feel about the English voices (especially male Kamui), but other than that this trailer is making the long 2016 wait even more painful. It keeps looking better with every update… I need this game. Anyways, here it is:

For a couple screenshots… Read the rest of this entry →

Two New Videos For Fire Emblem If!

Published June 11, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


Thanks to Rey (shadowofchaos725), we now have translated versions of the two new videos that popped up this week. While there’s not a lot of new information, they’re still worth watching. One thing for certain is that this game will have a lot of beautiful cutscenes.

Japanese Commercial (Translated)

Introduction Trailer (Translated)

I also have some screenshots below from Serenes Forest. The videos are fast, so I couldn’t quite get good screenshots myself. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry →

A Lot Of Released Details On Fire Emblem If!

Published June 6, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


^ This is from Renka’s website (the singing voice of Aqua). It’s more evidence that she has some kind of control over water, which reminds me of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Thanks to mainly Famitsu and others like Serenes Forest, fans have been learning many things about the upcoming epic. New gameplay mechanics, characters, and so on… all the news is building up hype for Japan’s release date on June 25th.

I’ve been following them to keep up to date on it, so I can give you a brief overview of major changes and additions to Fire Emblem If. I can’t wait for this game! Read the rest of this entry →

Special: Team Nohr or Team Hoshido? Vote!

Published April 14, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene

The second trailer for Fire Emblem If have sparked a lot of fans to get excited by telling a little more about what the game will be about and how the choices you make will truly change the fate of the war. On Facebook and other sites, I already see the hashtag “#TeamNohr” and “#TeamHoshido” even though we still don’t know a lot about either side. The hype is real and strong for Fire Emblem If.

Help me decide by choosing either Nohr or Hoshido in the poll below. If the game is going to be split into two versions for the rest of the world like it will be in Japan, I’ll be getting both, but I don’t know which path to choose first. You can also comment your choice and say why too, if you want. So, which one is better? 🙂

The Latest On Fire Emblem If

Published April 2, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


More on Fire Emblem If was released in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. We now know that you (your Avatar) will be the main protagonist instead of the second star of the show. You will have to decide where your allegiance resides, Nohr or Hoshido. What makes this difficult and complicated is that you have ties with both kingdoms. Deciding between your family and your loyalty will be tough. You can see it for yourself right here: Read the rest of this entry →