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Challenger Approaches: Joker!

Published February 8, 2019 by Amanda B. Greene

Joker from the Persona 5 will probably arrive soon as the first part of the season pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a platforming fighting game that is considered one of the biggest crossovers ever. So, I wanted to give my guesses and hopes for his potential moveset, as well as the stage and music he’ll steal for us. Are you ready?

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Fire Emblem Heroes Update (8/1/18)

Published August 1, 2018 by Amanda B. Greene


Even though it was released over a year ago, Fire Emblem Heroes continues to bring more characters, updates, and other content for new and old fans. I’m still addicted to what is my favorite mobile game of all time because I love this franchise. Nintendo Mobile recently had a small Feh Channel to mainly discuss upcoming changes in early August, which you can watch right here. Down below, I’ll be discussing some of my thoughts on recent events and how they can continue to improve the game.

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A Few Characters I’d Love To See In Smash!

Published June 12, 2018 by Amanda B. Greene


Super Smash Bros. 5 is rumored to be an entirely new game for the Nintendo Switch, and if that is true, I hope we get to see many of the changes and improvements and perhaps start seeing character reveal trailers to fuel the hype train all over again. We already know that the Inklings will join in on the fight, but who else will smash their way in? GameInformer has already done their suggestions among many others, so why not add to the conversation? Here are a few of my character ideas…

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Some Games I Want To See On The Switch

Published December 14, 2017 by Amanda B. Greene


I don’t have a Nintendo Switch yet, but I’d like to get one eventually sometime next year. Some great games have already come out like Breath of the Wild (Still awesome on the Wii U!) and Super Mario Odyssey. Still, I need more than a handful of titles to truly win me over. In this article, I’ll list some of my wishes and ideas for the newest console.

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Special: If You Could Only Make One Game…

Published December 2, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene

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I wonder what people would do if they were to all the sudden become video game designers for a day and they could only make one game… what would do? Make something completely new? Or perhaps work off of already founded franchises? What type of game would it be? I have a tough time with this question because while I would want to make more of mark for myself by completely going by my own ideas, I could also see myself re-engineer and/or enhance some of favorites like LittleBigPlanet or Zelda.

That’s just my random thought for tonight that I wanted to post for you to think about. Have a nice night! 🙂

Special: Great Pairings

Published December 1, 2014 by Amanda B. Greene


Inspired by Super Smash Bros., I’ve been thinking about different pairings that would really make things interesting. I’ve even gone beyond thinking about if Sony’s All-Star Battle Royale and Nintendo’s SSB were to collide or something else similar where characters all came together as the two universes touched. But for this post, I’m just going to talk about franchises more within their boundaries, so it’s somewhat more realistic. Read the rest of this entry →