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Review: Persona 5

Published May 16, 2017 by Amanda B. Greene


Persona 5 is a fantastic Japanese, turn-based role-playing game that builds up from previous installments of the Persona franchise. Almost everything about it is well done from the story and characters to the environments and puzzles. Some things could be improved on or changed like how you’re forced to go to sleep after diving into the Palaces or Mementos. But it is mostly perfect for those who enjoy dungeon crawling and fighting Shadows. There will be some slight spoilers of the beginning, so you’ve been warned.

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Special: What Do You Think Of Amiibos?

Published March 5, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


At first, I wasn’t planning on buying any amiibos, but eventually I hopped on the rocky train. They’re surprisingly good quality at a reasonable price. I would never go to places like eBay to get them selling over a hundred dollars though.

Their functionality needs to be improved on, since they are mostly for Super Smash Bros. at the moment.

I like having figurines of my favorite characters that I couldn’t afford otherwise, but with the lack of supply versus high demand, they’re becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain. Nintendo needs to fix this, so people don’t have to scramble to multiple stores in unlikely hopes of pre-ordering each one. It would be nice if I could just stop by Gamestop anytime to pick up any of the amiibos I want off the shelves without the hassle.

I know this is an old and on-going conversation, but what do you think of them? Do you have any or plan on collecting some?

Special: What do you think of the “New” 3DS?

Published January 29, 2015 by Amanda B. Greene


Are you getting one right away? If so, which one? I’m personally waiting until they do other special offers or editions come out plus I need more than one exclusive (Xenoblade Chronicles) to sway me into getting an upgrade. Don’t get me wrong – it looks nice, especially with the added C-Stick and the face-tracking 3D. I will probably buy it eventually when I have enough money. Tell me what you think below.

Also, I have yet to finish my reviews for Pokemon Omega Ruby (3DS) and Captain Toad: Tracker (Wii U). I apologize for taking so long on those, I’ll get around to them soon. Hope you have a great night!